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      The most famous quintet in progressive metal has been ticking all the boxes in the genre for over 30 years. Long songs in several movements, albums in the form of a concept in the worthy lineage of Pink Floyd or the Beatles and Dantesque solos that come to enamel each song as a reminder of the monstrous technique that the band knows how to demonstrate.

      They love the demonstrations, making their concerts last with big, well-placed riffs and opera-like titles. Their shows are multi-part performances, easily stretching over several hours. And guess what? Their audiences are asking for more and we can see why!

      Like a demon encircled from head to toe by his toms, Mike Mangini easily imagines himself to be the God of the weather, taking turns dropping lightning or roaring thunder whose rhythm you can barely keep up with. From their beginnings, John Petrucci's riffs are as mesmerizing as John Myung's bass lines are brutal. Between them, they pave the way for James LaBrie whose vocal power hasn't aged a bit and in which we can still hear a bit of Iron Maiden, one of the band's major influences.

      At the end of this intoxicating and gripping show, the guitars are in agony, the strings ready to break and the drums on the verge of explosion. And Dream Theater leaves the stage, as always, in the sweat and under the ovation of its fans



      A young group that sets the standard

      Formed in 1986 by John Petrucci and Mike Portnoy, both students at Berklee University of Music, the group was originally called Majesty and went through several changes of musicians before settling down with James LaBrie on vocals. Their career took off in 1992 with their second album, Images and Words. It was followed by the equally good Awake in 1994, which some would say were the best albums of the genre ever produced.


      Freedom is priceless

      Their next album, Falling into Infinity, will be produced under pressure from their label, which wants something more commercial, in a format that can be played on the radio. But as John Petrucci says, "progressive metal, by its nature, is not commercial. And if you consciously try to write something commercial, you end up missing the target". Not only will the target be missed, but this process will create tensions, even to the point of questioning the band's existence. Fortunately, their label will realise its mistake and guarantee them more artistic freedom for their next opus. Dream Theater seems to be back on track!


      20 years and a symphony orchestra

      For its 20th anniversary, the group is paying for nothing less than an exceptional concert with a symphony orchestra at Radio City Music Hall in New York. An experience at the crossroads of people that sublimates the band's flagship titles and that will be the subject of the live DVD Score.


      One last thunderclap

      The departure of Mike Portnoy, founder and drummer of Dream Theater, shook the band. More at ease on parallel projects, he asks for a five-year break from his partners who finally prefer to let him go. Mike Mangini will be recruited to replace him, but the band will then experience a rollercoaster ride of success.


      The group goes the distance

      It is with Distance Over Time that the band will get back in touch with the critics. Dream Theater created it in conditions close to those of a live recording: "We were in a totally distraction-free environment - a huge property in Monticello whose barn has been converted into a state-of-the-art recording studio". A special atmosphere and community life that allowed the band to reconnect with the heavier sounds of their youth and their early fans.


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        A big slap that feels good ! The biggest progressive metal band offers its fans an exceptional concert, accuracy, fishing, a lot of emotions, but above all what a sound! Everything was perfect ! A set with new and old but keeping a very good coherence. Not to be missed ! 

        Rémi after a concert at the Transbordeur de Lyon

        Dream Theater is still the bubbling band of its beginnings. On the flip side, it serves on its albums a technical and licked progressive metal. On the flip side, they take their fans into a whirlwind of energy during concerts in the form of rock operas. Despite Mike Portnoy's departure, the band has managed to reinvent itself, confirming its status as the muse of the genre.

        Distance Over Time is one of the most metal records ever delivered by the American-Canadian band, and one of the most concise: no song longer than 10 minutes, which is very unusual. The result still evokes quite a return to the roots, and feels the pleasure of playing. ...] It's a real catalogue of what Dream Theater can do, from the powerful riff to the Deep Purple organ-starter, the ballad or the progressive nine-minute song. In short, something to please fans of all eras. 

        Le Parisien


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