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      Diamante knows what it means to truly shine. With her iridescent sapphire hair, extraordinary voice, runway-calibrated style and empowering message, this Boston-raised, Los Angeles-based, Italian-Mexican-American siren is bringing new (and blue) fire to rock and alternative music.

      As a teenager, Diamante played small gigs on the Sunset Strip to become the powerful artist she is today. A disciple of P!nk and Guns N' Roses, without falling into the excesses of rock stars, she devotes every minute of her time to perfecting her signature sound, a mix of "hard rock with an alternative edge". 

      After extensive touring with bands like Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace and Shinedown... Diamante shines brighter than ever. In 2019, she teamed up with Howard Benson and Neil Sanderson as an independent artist to make American Dream, her second album. Diamante capitalized on her newfound creative freedom and independence by overseeing every step of the record's production. Of working with Benson and Sanderson, she says they helped "bring my stories to life and push me to accept my flaws. American Dream shows exponential maturity, proving more than ever that Diamante is truly distinguished by her fearlessness in pouring her soul into her music.


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