Eurythmics Songbook Featuring Dave Stewart

      Eurythmics Songbook Featuring Dave Stewart

      • Concert Sweet Dreams 40th Anniversary Tour
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      Concert Sweet Dreams 40th Anniversary Tour

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      Dave Stewart is a legend on the world pop scene. A maestro with a dazzling career, he has shaped the history of music with audacity, stagecraft and, above all, boundless musical creativity. If his name doesn't ring a bell, you may be familiar with the duo he formed with Annie Lennox for almost 10 years. We're sure you're familiar with Eurythmics ?


      In the early '80s, the band was something of a UFO. With its androgynous looks, seductive synth-pop, thundering rhythms and steely vocals, Eurythmics revolutionized the dancefloor, selling over 100 million albums worldwide. The chemistry between the two artists, who began as lovers, is complete. Lennox is an impressively charismatic narrator, while Stewart transforms chords into experiences and melodies into raw emotion.


      But the guitarist and composer's imprint doesn't stop there. A creator of unique soundscapes, at once familiar and strange, real and surreal, he mixes genres like no one else and regularly collaborates with other legends. Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry... He co-writes and co-produces for all the big stars, and doesn't stop there. His latest personal opus, Ebony McQueen, is a nugget of introspection, but he is also the author of the fascinating documentary Deep Blues, and his latest musical The Time Traveler's Wife is already being programmed all over the world.


      Stewart is a workaholic coupled with a creative genius who never stops. But as his iconic hit Sweet Dreams celebrated its 40th birthday, he didn't hesitate to hit the road again, bringing together an all-female band of musicians and singers. For him, "choosing a band made up of exceptional women led by the brilliant keyboardist Hannah Koppenburg is my way of paying tribute to my great friend and collaborator Annie Lennox". Once again the indelible imprint of the Eurythmics duo will resound, a timeless symphony between past, present and future.




      A waking dream

      It's a love story that has come to an end, to be replaced by a great musical story. While Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart went their separate ways, they decided together to form Eurythmics. After an unheralded debut album, they released Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), recorded on a shoestring, and literally exploded across the globe. With this hit and those that followed, Eurythmics made not only their own generation dance, but all those that followed.


      The end of an iconic duo

      With their glamorous, androgynous looks and bold, rhythmic pop, Eurythmics had already made history when they split up. For Dave Stewart, it's the start of what promises to be a rich solo career. Composer, lyricist, writer, producer, director, the projects follow one another, sometimes combining his passion for music and cinema. Commenting on Deep Blues, Michael Wilmington of the Los Angeles Times said: "This is a film that no blues fan, no aficionado of popular music and no enthusiast of American culture and tradition should miss... a glimpse into our national soul".


      Alone or in pairs

      This is a source of immense hope for fans. The year in which Stewart released Female Icon, an album featuring several previously unreleased tracks, was also the year in which Eurythmics briefly reformed for a final album. Peace would be followed by a world tour and the definitive end of the legendary band. And once again, the iconic guitarist returns to his projects. In 2011, he formed the supergroup SuperHeavy with Joss Stone, Mick Jagger, Damian Marley and A. R. Rahman, no less!


      40 years later

      En 2022, Eurythmics a enfin été intronisé au Rock & Roll Hall of Fame pour son profond impact sur l’histoire de la musique. Deux cérémonies qui resteront dans les annales puisqu’elles réunissent sur scène et pour la première fois depuis bien longtemps Annie Lennox et Dave Stewart, son acolyte de toujours. L’année suivante, ce dernier part dans une tournée immanquable pour célébrer les 40 ans de l’album qui les a fait connaître. Avec le Sweet Dreams 40th Anniversary Tour, c’est tout un pan de la pop qui renaît.


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        I was very excited to see Dave Stewart on stage. I'm a huge Eurythmics fan, but I've never had the chance to see them live. Of course, Annie Lennox was missing, but the singers who took up her mantle alongside Stewart delivered an equally impressive performance. One of the best concerts of my life!

        Audrey after a concert in London

        The first notes that instantly stick in our heads when we think of Eurythmics are usually those of Sweet Dreams. But the band's genius didn't stop there, and Dave Stewart's solo genius went even further. Admittedly, in this Eurythmics Songbook celebrating its 40th anniversary, Annie Lennox is missing. But clearly, the passion and excitement of the early days are still there, carried by a Dave Stewart in better shape than ever and a new wave of female singers equal to the legacy they are reviving.

        Nicolas L.

        Tonight, the bond between the singer and Stewart seemed gloriously vital. Eurythmics classics were forged through genuine chemistry, and if Lennox wasn't ready to reunite in public, there's still immense passion in this house. By the time British soul star Beverley Knight took the mic for the finale of Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves and Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), everyone was on their feet celebrating these fabulous songs.

        The Telegraph
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