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      Cornelia Jakobs

      Between perseverance and raw emotion
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        January 2024
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      Don't be fooled by her apparent gentleness, Cornelia Jakobs possesses a strength that others do not. The strength to pick herself up after failing her first musical audition. The strength to keep going, against all odds. To persevere and, in the end, to take her raw emotions and intimate thoughts to the prestigious Eurovision stage. Because this blonde from the north has no equal when it comes to moving hearts.

      With a voice reminiscent of Lana Del Rey and a fusion of pop and rock akin to Florence + The Machine, her poetic style is nonetheless filled with the power to lift mountains. Like a fire that no one can extinguish, she transforms words into vibrant flames, setting her audience ablaze with passion, sending shivers down her spine with her spellbinding warmth.

      Because the gentle pop tinged with the rock and folk of her childhood underpins a deeply introspective music that tackles universal themes. Love, passion, break-ups, resilience - these are the trials and tribulations of her life, and she brings them to life with finesse and accuracy, speaking truths that touch us all.

      And that's undoubtedly why her country adores her: she's unvarnished, she's vulnerable and she dares to show it. In concert, the communion is 100% authentic, the connection with her audience almost magnetic. It's clear, the singer born in cold Sweden carries a contagious warmth, a fire that warms the soul. All you have to do is listen to her to understand that Cornelia Jakobs is one of those luminous artists who sing of hope and bring salvific comfort.



      Overcoming failure

      Her grandmother was a famous orchestra conductor, her father leader of the heavy metal band The Poodles. So it's fair to say that Cornelia Jakobs was born into music. It was at the age of 16 that she decided to reveal herself to the world by taking part in the TV competition Swedish Idol, for which she performed a rock version of the song Crazy. The road seemed clear, but Anders Bagge, a member of the jury at the time, decided to humiliate her live on air. After that, the singer didn't dare touch a guitar again for over ten years. But despite the trauma, she knows she was made for the stage.


      From Love Generation to Stockholm Syndrom

      In 2010, Cornelia Jakobs joined the girl's band Love Generation following an audition of over five hundred candidates. The project was backed by RedOne, the star-maker who has worked with Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Enrique Inglesias. But despite the singer's impressive voice and tenacity, the group struggled to break through. In 2014, they split up and reformed as a duo under the pseudonym Stockholm Syndrom, moving towards an electro-house sound that broke into the ITunes electro charts with the track Kalabalik. The success of this album was still confidential for the artist.


      A solo explosion

      Finally, in 2018, the Swedish singer decided to follow her own path, releasing the single Late Night Stories. In the following years, the singer persevered and, in 2022, the title Hold Me Closer brought her consecration. At the Melodifestivalen, she beat her former tormentor Anders Bagge and was chosen to represent Sweden at Eurovision. The popular response made her a direct favourite. In the end, she came fourth. But the whole of Europe is now familiar with the face and haunting, poetic style of this singer who has done well to never give up.


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        I'm really pleased to have discovered this artist who I only knew from her Eurovision appearance. She has a sublime voice and, above all, she presents herself to us in all simplicity, sharing her anecdotes and her compositions as if nothing was taken for granted. I had a great time and look forward to following her career.

        Pauline after a concert in London

        Even though she has only recently come to the attention of the general public, Cornelia Jakobs is no beginner, and it shows on stage. Her professionalism is well established, but the way she shares with her audience remains completely natural and generous. With her delicious pop-folk compositions and a voice that could rival those of the greatest pop stars, we can't wait to finally welcome her to France and introduce the French to this little Swedish gem.

        Badly rebuffed in 2008 by the jury of Swedish Idol, the Swedish American Idol, she bounced back in 2010 as part of the girl band Love Generation, which only came remotely close to success... By dint of tenacity, at the dawn of her thirties, she has finally won the attention and legitimacy of the public, which she has no intention of letting go of.

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