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      If I hadn't been a chef, I think I would have dreamed of being a rock star. It seems that for Philippe Etchebest, dreams never die. And when one of France's most famous starred chefs swaps his knives for chopsticks, the shot is never far away.

      It was through meetings that he created his "gang". Over the years, he has made friends with other musicians who, like him, are passionate about music but make a living from other things. And from this synergy emerges a crazy project, that of a rock band, a real one, which would perform in concert in front of thousands of people.

      The gamble of a group of friends led by a rock star in a white apron, but that's not the only thing we can do. Because on stage, one quickly forgets the celebrity of the leader to concentrate on the music. And there is energy in the covers of the legendary Queen, Rage Against The Machine or Trust. But there's also energy to move up a gear, with big sounds, headbangs and horns raised fingers! Chef & The Gang are just starting to get us going!



      The drums come out of the kitchen

      I guess owning a Michelin-starred restaurant wasn't enough for him! In 2017, chef Philippe Etchebest created his rock band, Chef & The Gang in obvious tribute to Kool and the Gang. He puts the same passion on stage as he does in the kitchen and it works! In June 2018, for the Fête de la Musique, the band played its first concert in front of the chef's restaurant and the people of Bordeaux asked for more!


      A chef among rock stars

      The pandemic didn't make them give up, the chef and his gang are determined to become rock stars. And after a few online projects, their determination is rewarded. They were invited one after the other to open the Hellfest and the Eurockéennes. A consecration and a dazzling success for the band of friends who now play in the big league. For the first time, they present some of their compositions. And it works!


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        Two hours of pure sound with Chef Etchebest on drums and his gang. An excellent moment of rock and surprisingly good compositions. We want to see more!

        Alexis after Hellfest 2022.

        Behind his drums, Chef Etchebest puts all the energy he knows on stage. But we would be wrong to reduce Chef & The Gang to his presence alone. The young band surprises and disrupts with its covers of rock classics and its new compositions. We are honoured to accompany them on their first stages and we can't wait to see what they come up with next! 

        Chef and The Gang put on a well-crafted performance with a catalogue of covers of rock classics, including a great vocal mastery, for a pleasant and festive moment.

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        Centre Culturel Marc Brinon
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