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      Camille Esteban

      A sunny voice with latin accents
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      She was destined for a career as a Spanish teacher, but talent and a little help from fate have fortunately redirected her towards music. Because when you listen to her, you are convinced. Even if she masters the rota and the culture of Madrid to perfection, she is made to give her voice, vibrant and raw, on the stages of France.

      Impertinent and audacious, her musical influences range from rock to reggae and of course rap. In fact, it was a Diam's song, covered on the set of The Voice, that brought her out of the shadows. It was a risky gamble for the young woman who, afterwards, did not let herself be locked in. To the labels that would like to see her as the new queen of French rap, she closes the door. Yes, she can rap, but not only that! Her ambition is to break the codes, to abolish the borders, to mix the styles and the languages.

      Her first tracks mix urban pop with Latin rhythms with Jamaican accents reminiscent of a certain Rihanna, sung both in French and in her perfect Spanish. The music is catchy, and her voice, slightly hoarse but full of warmth, is used to tell the story of her lyrics, which are often full of joy and hope, and sometimes more sombre and sensitive.

      It is true that Camille Esteban is only at the beginning of her career, but in just a few years she has already won over her public with intimate tours all over France. A new love story between France and a young, free and generous artist, who dreams of sharing her universe and her desires for elsewhere with an ever-wider audience.



      Propelled by The Voice

      Armed with a bun and a claudine collar, she plays the child-wise girl before starting to sing. From then on, it was the hard-hitting rage of Diam's that we find in Camille Esteban's slightly softer interpretation of Dans le noir, on the set of The Voice. She wanted to break the codes, and she took the whole jury by surprise. Starting with Florent Pagny, who recognised the subtle grain of her voice and took her on board. In front of the television screen, France discovered a new artist. And even if the young woman will not continue the adventure for long, she is now convinced that her destiny is linked to music.


      Tomorrow is today!

      After her TV appearance, Camille Esteban got closer to some artists, in particular the guitarist of Tryo who helped her finalise her compositions, still between rap and pop, between Spain and France. In 2021, she released Demain, c'est loin, a first EP of five tracks including the delightful title track and the catchy Caribbean-sounding Chico. In 2023, she returned to the AccorArena at Bercy to support Eros Ramazzotti, notably to present her new single, Après la Pluie.


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        I came across Camille Esteban during the Estivales in Savoie and you could say she's a blast. The artist is very young and you can feel that she really wants to, that she gives 200%. Her voice carries the sun and her songs, halfway between RnB and the tropics, quickly carried the whole audience along.

        Anna after a concert at Les Estivales festival in Chambéry

        Camille Esteban is one of the new nuggets that have joined the Gérard Drouot Productions family of artists and we are really happy to support her. We are certain that her first album will propel her completely to the forefront of the scene and we are really impatient to follow the evolution of this artist who embodies generosity, in voice as in music.

        The Voice made her discover the professional side of singing. She wanted to teach Spanish, but from now on she will sing for the public. Accompanied by her guitar, a reassuring presence on stage, she writes songs to share her dreams, her desire to travel and tell stories. She likes Diam's of course, Féfé and Leeroy, Tryo, Sylvain, from Boulevard des airs, with whom she co-wrote "Emmène-moi". She has already opened for these singers.

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