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      Brian Mcknight is one of the "voices" of RnB, revealed by the 90s along with the Boys II Men. His songs are languorous, with a tenor timbre whose high notes fly away to carry his emotions as a banner and an endless passion for the stories of Love told in song.


      A register that this former altar boy and music lover masters to perfection. Sensual glances and vibes hidden in the corners of each verse, he has been travelling the world for more than 30 years to deliver his message. An endless inspiration that comes from his own stories of Love. In fact, he recently said of his partner Leilani: "I am still in love and I will continue to be totally in love with my wife. She is my inspiration forever. This new album is really the story of our lives".


      A man with a wide open heart who definitely couldn't keep his talent to himself. An outstanding lyricist, a gifted musician who willingly switches from piano to bass to trumpet, he writes for himself, but also for others. A thirst for sharing, coupled with a taste for freedom that led him to free himself from the majors to create his own label. Today, the fifty-something doesn't stop this coil in the soul that continues to defend the RnB that is so dear to him, far from the auto-tunes, to carry his message of Love ever higher.  



      In the footsteps of his elders

      Following the example of his older brother, Claude Mcknight III and his band Take 6, who signed with Warner Brothers, the youngest member of the family took his turn. At the age of 19, he sends in his demos and it works! He signs with Mercury Records for three albums, the first two of which are a small success.


      Time for a single

      It is with his third album that Brian Mcknight's recognition will explode. Anytime, as well as the single of the same name, skyrocketed sales, earning him a nomination at the MTV Music Awards as well as the Grammy Awards. The first of a very long series, as the artist will be nominated 17 times during his career without ever succeeding in winning the precious trophy!


      Motown reaches out to him

      The prestigious label spots the young artist and opens the doors to a world of endless collaborations. Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Boys II Men, he worked for a few years with the biggest names in RnB, his album Back At One selling more than three million copies.


      Live on the air

      In the 2000s, Brian Mcknight released 5 albums but also tried his hand at radio and television. He hosted the Brian Mcknight Morning Show in Los Angeles and the Brian McKnight Show in New York, two shows mixing talk-show and variety. He will also appear on the reality TV show Celebrity Apprentice, in which he will raise funds for an association.


      Brian Mcknight becomes independent

      In 2015, the singer decided to separate from his record company to create his own label. The first album he produced in his own name, Better, was received very positively by the critics. It was followed by Genesis in 2017 and Exodus in 2020. Although these albums did not trigger the success of his debut, the singer with the golden voice has received a warm welcome from his fans, who are always numerous at his concerts.


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        Brian Mcknight is an exceptional artist. His magnificent voice can only touch us and make us dream. The lyrics are just as beautiful as his words, as he talks about love, putting himself in the shoes of a prince charming. His concerts are always a moment apart, from which one comes out filled with happiness. 

        Flora, after a concert at the Olympia

        Brian Mcknight is an emblematic voice of the 90s and we have certainly all danced to his slow dancing. Although RnB has changed a lot during his career, his favourite theme, Love, is universal and timeless. We are therefore certain that his tours around the world and his meeting with his fans will last for many years to come.  


        A nocturnal, sweet and sexy atmosphere.... The singer, born 49 years ago in Buffalo, brings back to life with a lot of talent the quiet storm current, which appeared in the mid-1970s and mixes rhythm'n'blues, jazz and pop.



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