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      Bonnie Tyler

      The blond bombshell of rock’n roll
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      © Tina Korhonen

      As beautiful as she is blonde, Bonnie Tyler has always moved the hearts of emotional men and women. She roars with a golden voice and bewitches us with the sweet spleen of her melodies. She speaks of love like few ever could. In the overflow of smooth and pop 90’s voices,  she delivers a staggering and dazzling soft rock !

      Wales is rainy land. That’s the cliché you might have about this territory nested in the heart ofthe United Kingdom. Yet the sun shines when Bonnie Tyler's husky pierces through the clouds. For her music is like a mighty tornado leaving you with warm feeling.  . With her grace, her energy and her endlessly youthful enthusiasm, the female Rod Stewart, as some journalists like to call her, has always loved to surprise and to get into everything as if she was walking away from the mundain.

      With her gaze that shoots for the heart, her biker looks and leather jackets, the Skewen singer has spent decades nurturing a success story that didn't take long to come. With her hit songs that shake the radio waves, she has always been able to skillfully walk the line between pop and country music and has always kept her balance.

      Some of her songs are now as cult as Queen's greatest hits. Of course, when we say that, we're talking about Total Eclipse of the Heart and It's A Heartache, her two best takes. It's quite outstanding how everyone likes her. No matter what she does, no matter what she says, it's as if her natural aura was like a spell. On stage, it’s groovy as ever. She has the drive of youth, and the sophistication of great ladies, a bit like Nina Hagen: the mixture is joyfully explosive!


      A young woman at the top of the world

      A young woman at the top of the world

      That year, the singer's voice changed and became husky after an operation of her vocal cords. This was a blessing in disguise, as Bonnie Tyler reached the top of the charts with her singles Lost in France (1976) and It's a Heartache (1977). This young girl from a large family, didn't wait long to turn hearts upside down. But when you have such talent, why should you wait ?

      A successful comeback

      Almost a quarter of a century after her first successes on the international scene, Bonnie Tyler is unwearied. She gets back under the spot light with a cover of the magnum opus Total Eclipse of the Heart. This time she sings in French! A great occasion for the Welshwoman to confess her love for France.

      Bonnie at the Eurovision

      Now 61, Bonnie Tyler is making a much-noticed comeback. She flew the flag of the United Kingdom for her performance of the ballad Believe in Me at the Eurovision Song Contest,. Unfortunately, the result was disappointing: she ranked 19th. Does that really matter ? Not really. The important thing is that the great lady is still in great shape!


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        On stage, she shares a wild energy. Her youth seems to last forever, and it's always nice to see her having so much fun. She's happy to be here, and you can see it, it's communicative. I had a great time, even going so far as to sing along to her most famous hits !

        Laurence, after a concert in Paris

        She is still as divine as ever. Seeing her glow decades after her first record is an immense pleasure. When you see her, you remember her most beautiful hits and, above all, you realise that time leaves no mark on her. She still is in great shape, ready to blow us away with her husky voice and her best moves !

        The husky tornado from Wales made a thunderous comeback on the mythical Parisian stage on Monday night. A successful show in front of a colourful audience : Bonnie Tyler has won her bet. A standing-ovation and a tide of arms in the air as everyone was singing: "Once upon a time I was falling in love".

        Le Figaro


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