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      They take fun very seriously. Child prodigies of New York's underground scene, the exalted Blondie have left their mark on their time, freestyling in waters of many colors. They've energized new wave, swayed hip-hop and set dancefloors ablaze: in short, they're in a class of their own!


      As platinum-blonde as the moon, Debbie Harry is the sunshine of an era of carefree, rebellious freedom and experimentation of all kinds. With her boys, including ex-husband Chris Stein, the sex symbol, leader of a Girl Power revolution, has always used her seductive, assertive voice to break down the boundaries of art. In the madness of the seventies, when New York was in full swing, pop lovers and young adults in search of soft madness waddled to the rhythm of her suave steps.

      Succinct is their secret, which they make no secret of. "Blondie's real signature is to take an unfamiliar style and bring it home, in a rock interpretation. In this way, they have embraced disco, dabbled in reggae and, above all, actively contributed to the breakthrough of hip-hop in America, with the excellent single Rapture, the video for which, pampered by the MTV channel, features the face of an unusual disc jockey: Jean-Michel Basquiat. Although they grew up in the soil of the underground, their greatest achievement is perhaps this: bringing together punk from the white clubs of Manhattan and rap from the black neighborhoods of their beloved city.

      If the band has conquered the world, it's above all for their audacity, out-of-the-box creativity and warm-hearted enthusiasm. Every single is a hit, every hit an anthem, the epitome of coolness. Blondie has fun in her guts, and you can hear it, like an antidote to gloom. Even today, these little American firecrackers retain the drive of their youth: boundless energy and fresh sounds that give new generations a hard time.


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