Between R&B and rock, the bear is elusive!
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      "There are no rules in art," Blackbear, aka Mat Musto, recently told Kerrang magazine! And the young man, with his angelic bad boy face and tattoos from head to toe, seems to perfectly embody this idea. From RnB to rock, he transcends musical boundaries and invents his own rules to win on all fronts.

      Because music is all he knows how to do. When he's not collaborating with world-famous artists like Justin Bieber, Linkin Park or Billie Eilish, he's working hard on his own compositions, trying with great success to make his teenage dreams come true. Travis Baker, Jordan Pundik, the guys he listened to in high school are now guests on his albums. It's a definite revenge for this kid who started by making punk music in his friends' garage to escape a family ravaged by his father's drug problems.

      It's also a way to stay alive. He is affected by necrotizing pancreatitis after years of excess and tells of his struggles in his lyrics, with a provocative authenticity that punctuates his "fuck you" like a signature. Before delving into more introspective thoughts, her biggest hit is and remains Hot Bummer Girl, the hit of summer 2019.

      What's certain is that no one can fully grasp the true nature of this self-described "enfant terrible of music" who defines himself as "a real troll". But no matter, his genius continues to light up stages all over the world and deliver tracks without worrying about labels. With one goal: "to make the world feel something, whether it's positive or sad".



      The man behind Justin Bieber

      We can't reduce Blackbear to this feat of arms, but still. In 2012, after several Solo EPs, the artist stepped out of the shadows by co-writing Boyfriend, Justin Bieber's hit. It is from there that the collaborations will follow one another and that he will gain notoriety, especially on the internet. A pure product of the Y generation, he became the first independent singer to monetize his streaming on SoundCloud. All that remained was for him to transform the virtual trial into a real solo career.


      The R&B of the summer

      A successful bet for the young prodigy who, in the early 2010s, continued to work with the greatest, such as Mike Shinoda or Hoodie Allen. In 2017 he signed to Interscope to release his third studio album, Digital Druglord. But success would prove fatal two years later, when Hot Girl Bummer became the hit of summer 2019 by reaching number two on the Billboard charts. From that point on, the world became enamoured with this shadowy artist.


      Back to rock love

      We knew him as an RnB singer, we love him as a rock star, returning to the roots of 2000s punk rock. His latest album, In Loving Memory, is clearly a tribute to his first love, who started playing punk in the garages with his band, Polaroid. But here, there's no question of doing things by halves. Travis Baker, Machine Gun Kelly, The Used, New Found Glory, an armada of prestigious guests join him on compositions that smell of rebellion!


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        Blackbear's performance was exceptional! What energy and presence on stage, what an atmosphere in the audience! From RnB to rock, he knows how to cross genre boundaries and that's why he is one of the artists I love. There is no time to get bored and every new sound is explosive!

        Rachel after a concert at the Bataclan

        Blackbear has been in the news a lot and his mastery of RnB was already known. Now he's back with a definitive pop-punk album that we love! On stage, it's a blast and brings a breath of fresh air to a style that reminds us with a nostalgic energy of our youth! This young, slightly tortured prodigy doesn't know the word "limits" and that's a pleasure to see.

        Growing up with a father addicted to heroin, Mat Musto (aka blackbear) found solace and escape in music. Originally losing himself in the alternative scene, he soon found a career in R&B, but now revisits his punk roots and confronts his past on the new album In Loving Memory.

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