Batman 1989 in concert

      Batman 1989 in concert

      Symphony for the Batman
      • Symphonic Concert in VOST
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      Symphonic Concert in VOST

      • 2024 1 concert
      • Friday
        May 2024
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      It's a well-kept secret. That of Bruce Wayne, who transforms at night into a masked vigilante, a bat ready to swoop down on his prey to maintain peace and order in a city where vice is king. Originally released in comic book form, the story of this hero without superpowers has been adapted many times for the big screen. But fans agree on one thing: Tim Burton's 1989 version is as much a reference as it is a classic.


      A dark, menacing atmosphere that would certainly not have been the same without the stroke of genius of Danny Elfman, composer of a soundtrack whose main theme has already gone down in the annals of cinema. Legend has it that he wrote many passages sitting on the toilet of an airplane, mumbling his melodies, struck by a sudden inspiration.


      The result is a soundtrack recognizable from the first notes, instantly stirring the hearts of aficionados of this tortured hero. For the first time, DC Films in Concert is adapting the film as a concert film, plunging you into the heart of Gotham City's darkness. Follow the Dark Knight as he straddles the fine line between light and shadow, trying to defend the innocent and heal himself from the brutal death of his parents.


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