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      A little grunge and a little emo, the next generation of alternative rock has definitely arrived. And BadFlower is the place to be. Led by a singer with the face of an angel and a voice full of emotion, this quartet knows how to deliver a rock sound that gets under your skin, between melodic verses, raging choruses and catchy compositions.

      Born in Los Angeles, it took a fierce determination on the part of Josh Katz on vocals, Joey Morrow on guitar, Alex Espiritu on bass and Anthony Sonetti on drumsticks to get the band out of the bars and clubs of the City of Angels. Six years to go from talented unknowns to millions of streaming listens. And they've done so without ever making concessions on their music, which some critics may find disjointed, but which skilfully blends influences.

      The American foursome, who have grown up on Led Zeppelin, Queen of the Stone Age and Iron Maiden, also like to list Billie Eilish as one of their favorite artists. And when they take their inspiration and shake it all up with their explosive energy, the result is airy, subtle verses filled with youthful ardor, answered by screaming, intense choruses sometimes bordering on overt aggression.

      Even if the band is still young, they have things to say and don't beat about the bush. When it comes to lyrics, they sweep aside metaphors to express themselves bluntly. Their debut album is a no-holds-barred exploration of mental illness, incest, loneliness and addiction. Themes carried by Josh's sometimes crystalline, sometimes animal voice, which always seems to be on a tenuous thread. With this talent, it's hardly surprising that some people hailed their debut album as "the emergence of a great rock band". Powerfully electric, wildly energetic rock!



      Escaping from the city of angels

      It's hard to make a name for yourself among the multitude of bands plying the bars of Los Angeles. But that didn't deter Josh Katz and Joey Morrow, who founded Badflower. With a few youthfully energetic compositions under their belts, they began to roam the city, playing regularly at the Key Club, until the performance that changed their destiny. It was on the Troubadour stage, when they opened for Kongo, that their edgy rock was spotted. The band signed to an independent label and released their first EP.


      Sick Rock

      By dint of perseverance, Badflower emerged on local radio and their track Animal was played at New York Fashion Week. That was all it took for Republic Records to bank on the quartet's energy. In 2018, their first single, Ghost, makes the rounds on radio stations around the world, racking up over 20 million listens in just a few weeks. The band literally explodes and in 2019 releases their debut album, Ok, I'm Sick, which LoudWire ranks among the 50 best rock albums of 2019. In the wake of this success, they embarked on a world tour, with their first notable appearance at La Maroquinerie.


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        A little freshness in the world of rock, that's good. Badflower, led by their aesthete of a singer, don't mince their emotions and deliver their sensitive songs with fury-filled choruses. It's great to see this young band crossing the Atlantic to energize the old continent!

        Milie, after a concert at La Boule Noire

        Badflower is the unvarnished confessions of Josh Katz against a backdrop of electric distortion. It's the American quartet's relentless efforts to deliver a rock that's as stratospheric as it is down-to-earth, a rock that's afraid of nothing, and especially not of mixing genres. On stage, the fire, energy and desire are there. There's no doubt about it, Badflower are here to stay and make their mark on the ears of fans of sensitive, melodic rock.

        Anne L.

        Hailing straight from Los Angeles, the four members of Badflower seem, despite their apparent youth, to have been properly bottle-fed hard rock in their hometown, a veritable hotbed of the genre in the '80s and '90s. With their charismatic frontman and adolescent romanticism, Badflower could have been a saturated version of The 1975 - both bands seem to share a taste for devastating stories and obvious pop melodies.

        Rolling Stones


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