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      With his friend Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel has lift people’s spirits all over the world. From the sixties to the present days, he has given folk music its most beautiful colours, and by doing so became one of its thought leader. He had his glory days with his friend Paul, they also had very variable and multiple misunderstandings. Together, they have created fine and light melodies, making the world a little bit more beautiful. They brought light in the shadows, they won over hearts and built a unique state of mind.
      Although he is no longer at the top of the Billboard, he is still true to himself when he takes the stage, with his pure and soft voice.  As an emotional singer, he gives the harmonies a new nuance, he soothes us, draws us in. Sometimes he even has doubts, especially since his health problems, but that's what brings us closer to him. At that moment, we realise that even immortal beings can be frail.
      But that doesn't take anything away: Art Garfunkel, hero of the protest song, is such a great sir of music that we would almost envy America’s good fortune. He is, and will remain, one of the most famous folk legends. Born in Forest Hills, Queens, New York City,  he has contributed to create a new way of perceiving music. And today, he is still fighting to get back on stage. Or should we say to transcend the stage and the musical performance.


      Neighbourhood friends

      Neighbourhood friends

      When neighbours meet each other, it can sometimes cause a few sparks to fly and light up the world. Tell Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel about it : together they have conquered the globe with a folk music that is good for the heart and ears. That year, they recorded Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M., their first album.

      The two friends take power

      The two friends take power

      With the single Sounds of Silence, the duo takes over the world. Here they are at the top of the Billboard. The success is there and will continue to be there. They are what the world has been waiting for: two nice men, not too shabby, with soft and beautiful voices. The album is a hit and brings joy to America.

      Pioneers of the protest song

      Pioneers of the protest song

      The Graduate is overtaking the charts and propells Simon and Garfunkel to international stardom. However, it will be one of the duo's last acts of glory, as the separation seems to be gradually consummated due to pressure and tension. We will only see them together again on a few rare occasions.

      Travelling alone

      Travelling alone

      Since, Art Garfunkel has been travelling alone, creating magnificent albums such as Breakaway (1975), Lefty (1998) and Songs from a Parent to a Child (1997). That year, Simon and him received a Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award for their outstanding career: a great recognition that these men have left their mark on contemporary music.


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        We were afraid he would lose his voice, but he still sings as well as ever. He's still there, and I have to say it feels great.  We would go see him a thousand of time if we could: he is still marvellous and has this pure magical gentleness. What a superb concert! 

        Anne, after a concert in Paris

        Art Garfunkel is a great artist, both as a duo and solo artist. His career is remarkable and few can boast of having done so much. It feels good to hear his voice, so recognisable and so beautiful. We are so proud to accompany him, to this day, when he does us the honour of taking the Parisian stage for a wonderful folk concert. 

        His addiction ? Singing, he considers it to be a gift. During his shows, Art Garfunkel, one half of the Simon & Garfunkel duo, mixes songs and one minute long prose poems. It is a powerful force very much needed in this peevish world.  

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