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      The break-up of post-grunge legend Creed left fans in disarray. But from their burning ashes a band of immeasurable talent was born: Alter Bridge. Separated from their ex-singer, Mark Tremonti on guitar, Brian Marshall on bass and Scott Phillips on drums hired a high-voiced Myles Kennedy to create the kind of melodic heavy metal that could make the hearts of entire stadiums flutter.

      And on the first album, the heavy, overpowering riffs are back in action, with a husky voice and a rumbling bass line on Metalingus, which is now an anthem and still triggers head-spinning circle pits. No more post-grunge, the volume is turned up, the guitars are made to speak and the volts are sent out to reach a fearsome volume.

      Kennedy, with his nasal voice, climbs to the top with unsuspected power and keeps the pace on songs that sometimes become real odes, calling for deep feelings and epic adventure. With their heady, almost haunting guitar patterns, we find ourselves in the middle of furious rides in which each of us would be the hero to passionately rebuild a ruined world.

      It's obvious, the power of Alter Bridge must be experienced live, in the crash of a titanic rhythm, on solos to melt the sleeves, in the measure of darkly luminous lyrics. It's simple, on stage, the energy is such that it seems like electricity was invented just for them.



      On the ashes of Creed

      Creed is dead, long live Alter Bridge! Armed with a new anthology singer, the newly formed quartet quickly released their first album, One Day Remains, which was received with the same energy the band had already displayed! It quickly became a gold record and reached number five on the Billboard charts for 14 weeks. A feat for the explosive band that is destined to fill the biggest venues with hordes of metalheads ready to unscrew their necks!


      Alter Bridge shake up the Royal Albert Hall

      Although the shadow of Creed regularly looms over them, Alter Bridge never give up and release album after album like metronomes, each time lifting the hearts of fans a little more with their melodious and inspiring metal. In 2017, it's the consecration. After the release of the very good The Last Hero, they played at the Royal Albert Hall in London alongside a symphony orchestra. The grandiose is at its peak, the adventure can continue.


      A heavy celebration!

      With their seventh album, Pawns & Kings, the Alter Bridge quartet is once again keen to show its muscles and knock us out with its polished riffs and thundering drums, supported by the epic lyrics of the always intense Myles Kennedy. A definitely heavy, definitely melodic album that will undoubtedly wreak havoc once launched on stage.


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        Alter Bridge puts everyone in agreement! An incredible technique, a maturity, a feeling and emotions like rarely a metal band had given me. The atmosphere in the pit was insane and it is really a band that I recommend to all fans of modern metal and feverish rhythms.

        Lana after a concert at the Palais des Sports in Paris

        Alter Bridge, it's a beating, but you want more! Because underneath the frenetic pedal strokes, behind the menacing bass and the impressive solos, the metal is melodious and enhanced by a grandiose and deliciously high-pitched vocal. On stage, dressed in black and without a screen, the quartet impresses with its technique, shares like old friends and seems to want to bring us back to our emotions and to the visceral energy that their music provides.

        After opening with the new 'Silver Tongue', Alter Bridge followed up with the older, much better known 'Addicted to Pain' and 'Before Tomorrow Comes'. As usual, the charismatic singer and guitarist Myles Kennedy delivers an impeccable performance, his fiery gullet managing to modulate above the deluge of sound perpetrated by guitarist Mark Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall and drummer Scott Phillips.

        Le Parisien


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