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      Welcome to a parallel world, where jovial violence is staged with unparalleled creative madness. Alice Cooper is an extravagance, magically and powerfully outrageous against the contours of conformism.
      "The hippies wanted peace and love. We wanted Ferraris, blondes and knives". That's the way he is, Alice Cooper. The provocative genius and father of shock rock, the brat from Michigan never weighs his words, just as he never retains his theatrical ardour to push the limits of the acceptable ever further. Because Alice Cooper likes to shock! Guillotines, fake blood, swords: the icon of American hard rock, lover of the most twisted horror films, doesn't refrain from anything, especially not the most daring stagings.
      The devil will tell you: under his face stained with make-up crystallised by sweat, hides a true prophet of symbolic violence. Between crazy humour and black horror, Alice Cooper breaks the codes, asserting with rage and madness her evil counterpart in a daring but eclectic style. Nothing stops her, neither the dark riffs, nor the heavy bass, nor the crash of a drum set resonating even in the fumes of hell.
      Fifty years into his career, the man from Detroit, skull and crossbones around his neck, is still stirring the crowds. For in the midst of the electric chairs, an air of celebration still pervades, in a surrealist spirit, worthy of the most extravagant film scenarios. The devil's horns come out of the row. The pogo-potters let off steam. Alice Cooper is not only a madman, he is a timeless prodigy. Devil, that's good!



      Alice Cooper is a group

      At the age of sixteen, four youngsters from Michigan, in love with the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, decide to join forces. In 1968, they took the provocative name Alice Cooper and released their first album the following year.


      Alice Cooper is a man

      It's hard to get behind such a charismatic and uncontrollable singer! In 1974, against a backdrop of artistic disagreements, the band split up. But Vincent Furnier didn't intend to stop there. He went so far as to change his marital status to embody, on and off stage, the character of Alice Cooper. Immediate success!


      The second wind of el diablo

      After more difficult years, marked by repeated commercial failures, Alice Cooper is back on the road to success with Constrictor, a record influenced by the most extravagant horror films. The following years will mark the Detroit child's comeback in force.


      Entrance to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

      Like all rock legends, Alice Cooper is entering the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the rock pantheon based in Cleveland, Ohio. To mark the occasion, at the induction ceremony, the artist puts on an exceptional show, accompanied by Neal Smith, Dennis Dunaway and Michael Bruce.


      Alice Cooper forme les vampires d'Hollywood

      The line up has something to impress! Together with star actor Johnny Depp and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, Alice Cooper forms the Hollywood Vampires. The band will travel across Europe with a wild show that will go as far as setting fire to the Helfest in 2018.


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        This concert was a treat for aficionados of the master of Shock Rock: a show that was rock n' roll in its choice of songs and in its attitude, always theatrical. Alice Cooper delivered a sincere moment. 

        Joam, after the concert at the Dôme de Marseille

        Alice Cooper is a unique personality in the world of hard-rock, always full of provocation. But behind the theatrical violence that he embodies to perfection lies a man full of humour. It is all this contrast that we like in this unusual artist who has managed, on his own, to invent a musical style in his own right and to influence a whole generation.

        Few rock and hard-rock legends remain as prominent as Alice Cooper. As always with him, every record is a means to an end, the stage and the performance, as dark and violent as the man is charming. His credo: to show rock to the public, not just make them hear it. That's what kept Alice Cooper in the picture for 50 years. 

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