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      Aliashka is about to deploy her joyful whirlwind of tribal pop, poetic electro and dreamy harmonies on 2022. Her real name is Elodie Hilsum, a trained dancer and actress, she has collaborated with renowned choreographers Blanca Li, Damien Jalet, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Kamel Ouali, Mourad Merzouki, Hofesh Shechter... 
      A prestigious CV to which is added today, for the release of her first EP, her talents as a singer, songwriter and composer.  Of Mongolian and Dutch origin, her friends call her Alias, a chameleon-like character played by Jennifer Garner, juggling several identities. She adds the Polish diminutive "shka" echoing her origins.


      With her first single "Totem", Aliashka unveils a half-naïve, half-provocative song about love. We find the tribal and almost visceral relationship that Aliashka has with music by drawing from his Mongolian origins. Her songs are endowed with a musical language enriched by the pop sounds of the 80s and 90s. It is a joyful mix between an electro tinged with traditional African sounds and instruments and a more complex writing inherited from classical music.


      Aliashka is currently in residence for the preparation of her tour "Pochette Surprise" where she is accompanied on stage by a drummer, Guillaume Marsault, multi-instrumentalist (Dominique A, Romain Humeau, Nina Attal) and a dancer and choreographer, GokuKepler, triple world champion of electro dance. The different talents of Aliashka and the multidisciplinarity of his team offer infinite artistic possibilities, appealing to the imagination of his audience, where poetry often creates surprise...


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