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      Charming smile, absolute elegance: always well dressed, Al Green sets the contours of a happy escape in the land of soul. With wisdom and audacity, the child of Forrest City, a man of heart with an eventful life, romanticizes an America rocked by the sounds of the Afro community.

      A worthy heir to Ray Charles and Sam Cooke, Al Green has his seat reserved at the table of the kings of soul. With a soul full of love and hope, the pastor from Memphis, born in the middle of Arkansas, carries within him the most important chapters of African-American culture. Yet nothing was simple. His life disrupted - one might even say shattered - by family misfortunes, the American genius experienced the worst when everyone predicted the best.

      So he left everything behind, leaving behind his past successes to concentrate on a spiritual quest, the key to his appeasement. He ran away from light and glitter to heal his inner wounds. But time and prayers have done their work, like antidotes. Now back, Al Green, at peace with the past, takes up his classics again, in an introspective soul, deeply inspired by the joy of gospel music.

      His serenity soothes us, his grace seduces us. Wherever he goes, this man of the stage, with his eternally devastating charm, honours with romance lovers of timeless and elegant music. He is the natural embodiment of absolute class. And it can even be said that he becomes, through his appearances, the living and unfailing proof that voice and charisma never die.



      From Forrest City to the American charts

      If his beginnings are timid, the Arkansas boy, son of a sharecropper, soon makes a name for himself on the American scene. On the excellent record Al Green gets next to you, the first hits appear, before giving way, the following year, to the album Let's Stay Together. It's a worldwide success: Al Green enters the big league, and through the big door!


      Drama, gospel and spirituality

      On October 18, Al Green's life, then at the height of its glory, was turned upside down. His wife assaulted him by pouring boiling water over his body and then killed herself. This was a turning point in the artist's career: he became a pastor and immersed himself in gospel music in order to recover from this painful episode. Suddenly, he puts his career on hold. It's a shock for all soul lovers!


      Back to the land of soul

      After fifteen years inspiring the pure air of gospel music, Al Green is finally back to the soul of his early days. He even dares to innovate, to the point of including tender nuances of RnB here and there. This return enabled him to win a Grammy Award in 2002 for his entire career. His fans of yesteryear are ecstatic: the master is back, and doesn't seem to be about to leave.


      The acclaim of the critics

      Al Green presents Lay It Down, a newcomer in a discography as long as the five fingers of six hands, whose featurings with John Legend and Anthony Hamilton are highlights. For the occasion, the American songwriter received unanimous critical acclaim and even climbed to ninth place in the charts. His inspiration is still intact: the album appeals to lovers of soul and beyond. Yes, Al Green still has thousands of beautiful things to make us listen to.


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        Magnificent! Al Green imposes himself, arriving on stage with his coat on, playing with passion and then putting his jacket back on to leave with class. I'm impressed by his stage presence, at over 70 years old. It was a beautiful moment, full of romance, good humour and generosity. You absolutely have to come and see him! 

        Karine, after a concert at the Olympia

        Al Green is the suffix for elegance. It means so much to soul lovers. With his voice and charisma, the American artist has always impressed us, and there's more to come. Despite a complex career, disrupted by the drama we all know, Al Green has not lost any of his superb, quite the contrary. It is an honour to work alongside him!

        The rhythm is a cushion, the brass riff comes back to scratch the ear, a girl's choir, a string section strings it all together. On the ballads in particular, the soulman has lost none of its radiant power. 



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