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      Gifted, 50 Cent is one of those who have always managed to get out of all risky situations intact to celebrate a wild rap hit. With his cap on, he is now one of the idols of the millennials.

      On the planet of gangsta-rap, 50 Cent is the boss. Yes, long time friend of Eminem and Dr. Dre, the American kingpin has put everyone in agreement, with his throbbing flow. His way of rapping gives him wings, but even better: it is especially what allowed him to get out of a tumultuous childhood, where drug deals, night shootings and settling of scores between enemy gangs were part of everyday life. Thus, the US bad boy, a boxer at heart, has brilliantly entered the great book of hip-hop legends.

      He never doubts. This is surely the magic potion that allowed him to take the planet by storm with powerful singles that make your head move forward and backward. Because under his gold chains, his cap with a straight visor and his abs made of reinforced concrete, the Goliath of the Queen, in New York, sends. This is evidenced by his many hits, including In da Club, which gave all rap lovers a prodigious slap in the face.

      Boom: this guy knows how to do it when it comes to putting his conflicts, his inner rage and his life in a box. A fine strategist, like a businessman who knows how to do it, he throws a sound that only he has the key to: a fierce and muscular sweetness, a bit melancholic and capable of crushing everything in its path. This is pure 50 Cent, relentless as ever. In short, a superstar of yesterday, today and tomorrow, who still has a lot to rap about, in the studio as well as on stage.



      The beginnings of the king

      The beginnings of the king

      That year, 50 Cent enters the game. He released his first record: Power of the Dollar. But victim of a shooting, he is dropped by his record company, and must start from scratch. He remains in the shade where he should have entered in full light. But his talent will quickly take over


      The encounter that changes everything.

      When Eminem listens to Guess Who's Back? the white man of rap, as some call him, is speechless. He immediately decided to meet up with 50 Cents and appear on the soundtrack of the film 8 Mile. And so began the gold rush! International tours soon followed, and the rapper made his first appearances in France, notably in Marseille, Nice and Toulouse.


      50 Cent, still in the game.

      This album established the reputation of the New York master. With guest appearances from Justin Timberlake, Akon and Nicole Scherzinger, the American rapper hits the nail on the head. And guess what? It's the biggest-selling East Coast rap album since Jay-Z's Kingdom Come. Of course, he followed this up with an anthology tour and a flowing performance at the Olympia in Paris.

      Always at the top of the bill.

      With Animal Ambition, 50 Cent confirms his animal instincts and his wild rap with deceptively gentle accents. The album makes his fans crazy with joy, and the reviews are once again very positive. It's further proof that the artist has become a fixture on the US rap scene.


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        Awesome! This was a legendary concert not to be missed, with great effects: fireworks and trippy videos. 50 Cent, as muscular and magnificent as ever, set the stage on fire. At one point, he even brought a huge water fight to life.

        Maïlys, after a concert in Marseille

        50 Cent is no stranger to controversy. His flow is second to none, and his charisma is breathtaking. To see him live on stage is to meet him, to understand him better and, who knows, maybe even tame him a little. You absolutely must see this guy live.

        After his peak debut studio album, Get Rich or Die Tryin, 50 Cent quietly sat on the throne of international gangsta rap. He made his mark with a mix of crime stories and little melodies hummed on the chorus of unstoppable blockbuster productions.



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