These general terms and conditions govern the sales of tickets for shows and events on the web site. They are systematically brought to the attention of each buyer to enable them to place orders. Therefore, the act of placing an order implies full and unfettered adherence by the buyer to these General Terms of Sale.

These terms apply to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions, and in particular those that are in force at our partners’ points of sale.


1.1 The prices of the tickets for shows and events are quoted in euros including all taxes. The price shown on the reverse of the ticket is the overall price paid by the buyer. A Ticket cannot be sold on at a price higher than its face value.

1.2 Different rates may be quoted depending on the events involved and the dates of the concerts or of the booking.

1.3 Save where otherwise specified, in the case of shows and events for which the sale of a limited number of tickets per buyer is lower, the total number of tickets bought by a given buyer, no matter how many bookings are made, may not be greater than

10 for one and the same show or event
20 for an order covering several shows or events
1.4 All orders, whatever their origin, shall be payable in euros.

1.5 Gérard Drouot Productions shall be entitled to modify its prices at any moment in time, but its services shall be invoiced based on the rates that are in force at the time when the orders are registered.

1.6 Tickets for shows and events shall remain the property of the organiser of the event until full and final payment of the price to Gérard Drouot Productions.


Bookings of tickets for shows and events shall be made in real time. To that end, our server shall inform you in real time of the availability of the tickets at the time of the placing of your order. In case of unavailability of one of the types of seats requested, our server will automatically offer you the best remaining seats.


Where numbered tickets are available, in the course of your booking, your seats may be indicated on a theatre plan if one is available.


Payment must be made using a bank card which enables the buyer to make a firm booking of tickets online in real time. The cards that are accepted for the payment of an order are the cards of the Carte Bleue / Visa and Eurocard / Mastercard / Amex networks.


5.1 Secure payment: our web site uses a secure payment system. We use the SSL encryption protocol, as well as extensive encryption processes to protect all the sensitive data linked to the methods of payment as effectively as possible.

5.2 Personal data

5.2.1 The information and data that we gather concerning you is necessary for the management of your order and for running our commercial relationship with you. It is stored in 2 different databases: – The data is kept in your personal account on : this data enables us to bring your transaction to fruition. Moreover, once recorded, it enables you to perform any future transactions more rapidly. It also enables us to contact you if need be and if possible in the event of cancellation or modification of the date, time or place of an event or show for which you have booked seats. For the purposes of the organisation of the event and of your order, the data is also likely to be disclosed to the organisers/producers on whose behalf we are acting. In accordance with France’s data protection law of 6 January 1978, you have a right to access and to amend any personal information concerning you which you may exercise by contacting Gérard Drouot Productions, Service client [Customer Service Unit], 37 rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris, France, stating your family name, first name, address and if possible your client reference number. – e-mail:

You may also receive offers or proposals from Gérard Drouot Productions and/or our partners by post. If you do not want this to happen, please write to Gérard Drouot Productions at the e-mail address above.


When you click on the “Order securely” button on the “confirmation of your order” page, at the end of the ordering process, and you tick the box marked “I certify that I have read and accepted the general terms of sale”, you are effectively declaring that you accept these General Terms and Conditions governing sales fully and without reservations. Save in the event of evidence to the contrary, the data recorded on constitutes evidence of all of the transactions performed using our service.

Your order for tickets for shows or events will only be definitely confirmed and binding upon Gérard Drouot Productions once you receive the e-mail stating that the order has duly been confirmed. Therefore, please check your e-mail inbox.


7.1 Tickets are personal and non-transferable:

7.1.1 If you have chosen to collect your tickets at the box office, they can be collected on the day of the event at the ‘production’ counter of the venue after the doors open (1 h to 1 h 30 before the performance starts, depending on the performance).

7.1.2 If you have chosen to receive your tickets by post, they will be sent via La Poste by registered mail (France) or by DHL (international). In the case of international delivery, delivery will be carried out by a third party, and we will not be held responsible in the event of non-delivery or non-notification by calling card.

7.1.3 If you have chosen e-tickets, they can be printed from your customer zone (see our FAQ section for more information).

7.2.1 To guarantee as much as possible the security of your payment, we shall be entitled to ask you to present your identity card when you collect the tickets at the ticket office of the place of the performance on the date of the event. You must also be in possession of the alphanumerical booking code that was allocated to you for your purchase (e.g.: 3227780).

7.2.2 For all payments by bank card, the bank card involved shall be debited upon final confirmation of the order on The debiting of your bank card shall take place regardless of whether you pick up the tickets on the day of the performance: payment for the tickets shall be debited even if you fail to claim your tickets.

7.4 Evidence of payment for the tickets shall be handed over together with your tickets when you pick them up. It shall feature the contact details that you provided during the ordering process.


The ticket must be accompanied by its security stub when it is presented at the entrance to the venue (the tickets shall not be valid if presented without its security stub) and must be presented for inspection at the venue.

In the case of concessionary rates, an identity document (with a photograph) acting as evidence for entitlement to the concessionary rate must be presented for inspection.


9.1 No ticket sold via Gérard Drouot Productions may be returned or exchanged, even in case of loss or theft. No duplicate shall be provided. Tickets cannot be resold at a price that is higher than the face value of the ticket (in keeping with France’s law of 27 June 1919 and these general terms and conditions). In case of cancellation of the event, only the price of the ticket shall be reimbursed. In case of a deferral, any eventual reimbursement of this ticket shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the organiser of the event. In any event (be it cancellation or deferral) no costs whatsoever shall be reimbursed or compensated. If the show or event must be interrupted beyond the halfway point of the planned duration of the event, if the organiser has to modify the programmes, the distribution or the times, the ticket shall not be exchanged or reimbursed.

9.2 The events shall take place under the sole responsibility of the organiser.

9.3 Upon announcement of the cancellation or modification of the date, time or place of the event for which you have booked seats, you agree that Gérard Drouot Productions, wherever possible, may use the contact details that you provided when making your booking to keep you informed of the procedure to be followed.


Should you have a question or require any further information, you may, at any moment in time, monitor the status of your order for tickets online by visiting and accessing the section entitled “Monitor your order”.


Gérard Drouot Productions offers you two options for retrieving your tickets: either pick them up at the box office, or have them delivered to you by post (does not apply to buyers whose address is abroad).

The purchase of a ticket from Gérard Drouot Productions implies compliance either with the internal rules of the web site featuring on the reverse and available from Gérard Drouot Productions, or with the internal rules of the organiser (or with these terms and conditions which shall govern the relationship between the parties in the absence of internal rules or of any other specific provisions). In general, all events shall be staged under the sole responsibility of the organiser. The distributor of this ticket hereby disclaims liability for any incident in relation to an event or to the ticket. Spectators are advised to take their seats at least 30 minutes before the start of the show or event. Access to the venue and/or to the numbered seats cannot be guaranteed after the start of the show and no refunds shall be provided in such cases. It is forbidden to photograph, to film or to record a show or event in any way. Spectators may have to undergo a body search at the entrance to certain venues. Access may be denied to any person who refuses to submit to this security measure. For reasons of security, it is strictly prohibited to bring into the venues any of the following objects: any weapons, explosive, inflammable or volatile substances, bottles, containers, sharp objects and in general any object likely to be used as a projectile, any dangerous object and any pyrotechnic item, signs and banners of any size of a political, ideological, religious or promotional nature. Anyone who infringes these rules shall be held liable for doing so and may be prosecuted. Spectators are hereby notified that in case of filming or television broadcasting of the event, their image is likely to feature on the footage. The holder of this ticket shall attend the event to which the ticket grants access under his own responsibility. Any exit shall be definitive, save in exceptional cases where a mark shall be affixed to the spectator’s ticket.


The sales of the tickets mentioned in this document shall be governed by French law.

In case of a dispute, the French courts shall alone be competent.

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