On tour

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot hold the 2020 Magma tour.

Tickets are still valid for the new 2021 tour, at the same venues.

However, customers who prefer to have a refund can contact their respective point of sale.

We thank the audience for their understanding.

Gérard Drouot Productions team

Bands and music trends use to pass and change, some remain and last. Magma is not just a simple effect of fashion; the band has imposed his music since 1970. Both violent and virtuoso the music of Magma sounds like no other bands. Founded by the drummer and vocalist Christian Vander, the group quickly distinguishes itself from its contemporaries with a powerful and tenacious polyrhythm.

Since the re-formation of the band in 1996, the tours multiply and the public is still there, ever more numerous and ever younger! The cult band celebrated their 40-year career with two bright albums released in 2009 and 2012. For their 45th anniversary, Magma came back with two new opuses called “Riah Sahiltaahk” and “Shlag Tanz” and re-published all their albums in vinyl format. Since 2015, the group travelled the world for “The Endless tour”. For this tour, the band play with 27 musicians, students of the Didier Lockwood Music Center. Magma’s music is eternal.

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