Gianna Nannini

In concert

Due to the global COVID-19 epidemic, we cannot hold the GIANNA NANNINI concert scheduled for the Olympia on May 18, 2020.

Tickets are still valid for the new concert on 25th of May 2021, at the same venue.

However, customers who prefer to have a refund can contact their respective point of sale.

We thank the audience for their understanding.

The Gérard Drouot Productions team

Gianna Nannini, the absolute prima donna of Italian rock, is one of the very few singers who brought new sounds and a new style to the landscape of the genre. The one whose outstanding voice is recognizable among all, has enjoyed success and worldwide recognition in 1987 with the huge hit “I Maschi”.

After thirty years of career, she is back in force this year with a new album La Differenza whose release is scheduled for November 15.

On the occasion of her European tour, which will begin next spring, Gianna Nannini will stop in Paris for an exceptional concert at L’Olympia on May 18, 2020. No doubt that her voice will make the “difference”!

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