Bad Religion
Bad Religion
Genre: Hard/Metal

Bad Religion was formed in the Los Angeles heights in 1979 by singer Greg Graffin, guitar player Brett Gurewitz, bass player Jay Bentley and drummer Jay Ziskrout. The band plays rage punk on the California scene, combining musical aggression with a political message.

In 1981, the group formed its own label, Epitaph, releasing a debut EP. Their first album, How Could Hell Be Any Worse? (1982), was followed by Into the Unknown (1983) which was unpopular with their fan base.

In 1988, Bad Religion were back with a line-up of Greg Graffin, Brett Gurewitz, Greg Hetson, Pete Finestone and Jay Ziskrout. They released a new album, Suffer, followed by the excellent No Control (1989) and Against the Grain (1990), which contains their best-known track '21st Century (Digital Boy)'. Released in 1992, Generator was recorded live in the studio. An 80-85 compilation and a series of reinterpretations followed on the wave of this new popularity, which was strengthened by the album Recipe for Hate (1993) and the tracks 'American Jesus' and 'Leaders and Followers'.

In 1994, Stranger Than Fiction went gold. Brett Gurewitz left the band after this release due to dispute with the singer, and was replaced by Brian Baker for the albums The Gray Race (1996), No Substance (1998) and The New America (2000), produced by Todd Rundgren. Gurewitz returned in 2001, and Bad Religion recorded The Process of Belief, which came out the following year, then The Empire Strikes First (2004) and the DVD Live at the Palladium (2006) after the documentary Along the Way.

In 2007, Bad Religion released their fourteenth studio album, New Maps of Hell (n°35 on Billboard).

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