Amanda Palmer
Amanda Palmer
Genre: Rock/Pop
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Amanda MacKinnon Gaiman Palmer, who has changed her name to Amanda Fucking Palmer (AFP) is an American writer, composer and musician. After starting out as a busker, she became known in the 2000s as the punk singer and pianist of the Dresden Dolls. Since then she has worked on solo projects and various collaborations, particularly with another street musician, Jason Webley.

Amanda met Brian Viglione at a Halloween party in 2000. They went on to form the Dresden Dolls and brought out an eponymous album that was re-released in 2004. After two more albums – Yes, Virginia… (2006) and No, Virginia… (2008) – the singer launched a solo career. In 2008, she released her first solo album, Who Killed Amanda Palmer?, produced by Ben Folds, who also played drums on the record. In the same year, she toured with Jason Webley, Zoe Keating and The Danger Ensemble. In 2009, she teamed up with her former director, Steven Bogart, to stage the play With the Needle that Sings in Her Heart at Lexington High School (Massachusetts). After a long battle with her record label, which she eventually left, she released the maxi album Amanda Palmer Performs the Popular Hits of Radiohead on her Magical Ukulele. In October 2010, she again teamed up with Brian Viglione and the Dresden Dolls for a Halloween concert in New York, which was followed by a mini-tour.

Amanda Palmer brought out a new album, Goes Down Under, in 2011. It was released two weeks after her marriage to Neil Gaiman. The album is a tribute to Australia and New Zealand, and includes covers of Nick Cave and Peter Jefferies.

His last album with his new band The Grand Theft Orchestra, Theater is Evil, will be released on September 10.

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Amanda Palmer
La Boule Noire, Paris
October 23, 2008
Amanda Palmer
Le Divan du Monde, Paris
February 6, 2009
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Le Bikini, Toulouse
February 11, 2009
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La Maroquinerie, Paris
November 2, 2012
Amanda Palmer
La Cigale, Paris
March 4, 2013
Amanda Palmer
La Cigale, Paris
July 9, 2013
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